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Established in 1997, Maharlika Funds started as a privately held investment portfolio.  The Porfolio invests in equity, debt securities, foreign currency exchanges and real estates.  The portfolio is Managed by a private investor.

MAHARLIKATODAY.COM will continue to give our visitors  an overview of the portfolios we manage. It will continue as a research tool in managing our portfolios and at times serves as the voice for our stakeholders.

In 2018, after spending time in some poor areas of countries we have visited, we decided to transform  MAHARLIKATODAY.COM  into a commerce site where demand meets supply.  Using technology as a leverage, we have redefined our values, mission, and objectives.


To deliver good quality products and services to consumers while encouraging and enabling entrepreneurship.


To reach out and bring good quality products  and services at a lower cost to consumers specially in the poor areas.




To help our visitors, MaharlikaToday.com is working on several  features of the site.

  • SHOPPING – browse and shop thru various list of available good quality products from our suppliers. If you are a supplier or an individual thinking of starting your business and wish to add your product listings, please contact us.
  • JOB SEARCH– To help our  Job seeking visitors find work to improve their lives a list of job openings can be posted on our site.
  • CLASSIFIED ADS – Create your own advertisement here. You can also add coupons if you want to.
  • EVENTS – are you an event planner? Or do you have a concert or performance event? Add your events here and one of our satellite partners will try to market the tickets in their areas if possible.
  • TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT – we encourage our site visitors from the education department to use our training platforms in order for them to reach out to poor individuals and share their knowledge.
  • GAMES AND FUN – just some few games for our site visitors to have fun once in a while.

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if you need additional information, please contact us on above contact information.

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