ECONOMIC MONITOR: Treasury Yield Inverts

Market Closes at Negative

August 14 17:51pm NYC. Dow Jones Index closed at a Hauge negative Today by 800.49 points while NASDAQ closed by negative 242.42. The S&P closed with a negative 85.72 change . Bond investors were trying to lock up on the Long term high Yield streams.

All sectors are in the red except for the Technology and consumer stappes sector.

Market Indices Plunges Further at Mid Day

August 14, 2019. 12 noon New York. The Dow Jones index plunges down by 631.98 while the S&P is down by 70.33 and the Nasdaq by 221.60.

Market Opened with Negative Sentiments

August 14, 2019. The market is reacting negatively as the 10 year notes Treasury Bills dips below the two year US Treasury notes. Bond investors are trying to lock into Long term high rate treams. This is a possible signal of a dowturn economy ahead if it continues for the next flew days.

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